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POE14-050 Phihong 12.5W DC-DC Power Over Ethernet Splitter - 5V

POE14-050 Phihong 12.5W DC-DC Power Over Ethernet Splitter - 5V
POE14-050 Phihong 12.5W DC-DC Power Over Ethernet Splitter - 5V
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  • Brand: Phihong
  • Model: POE14-050
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Model Number - POE14-050


  • Input Voltage Range - 36 to 56V DC; Receives power from either data or spare pairs
  • Input Current - 0.6A (DC) 36 V DC at maximum load
  • Inrush Current - 0.4A maximum
  • Regulation - Line and Load +-5%
  • Ripple - 12 & 13.7V models 120mVp-p. 5 & 3.3V models 75mVp-p.
  • Efficiency - 72% (typical) at maximum load and 48V DC
  • Output Power - 5V
  • Limit - 12.5W at 55-57V DC
  • Operation Temperature - 0 to +40C
  • Non-Operation Temperature - -25 to +65C
  • Operation Humidity - 5 to 90%
  • Immunity - ESD: EN61000-4-2 Level 3. RS: EN61000-4-3 Level 2. EFT: EN61000-4-4 Level 2. Surge: EN61000-4-5 Level 3. CS: EN61000-4-6 Level 2. Voltage Dips: EN61000-4-11. Harmonic: EN61000-3-2. Note: CS, Surge, Harmonics and Dips tested with POE20U.
  • EMC - EN55022 Class A
  • Dielectric withstand (HI-POT) Test - 1500V AC for 1 minute, 10mA
  • Insulation Resistance - Primary to secondary: >10M Ohm 500V DC
  • Short Circuit Protection - Output can be shorted permanently without damage
  • Over Voltage Protection - By Zener clamping
  • Indicators - Green LED – Output Good
  • Input and Output Data Connector - RJ45
  • Delay - 2 Seconds maximum at turn on
  • Output Connector - Center Positive Barrel 9mm x 2.5mm x 5.5mm. Tip is user changeable for other sizes.

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